The History

Our History

Montecassino was bought by Karen Mossnbarger in March of 2013. In her words,

“The cafe was a peaceful space that I made myself at home in as a customer, to meet with people, write, play music and gather artists together. So when the previous owner said she was moving and selling, I just couldn’t bear to let that happen, so I took ownership.”

Karen wanted Montecassino to be like that for everyone that came in. Now, Montecassino hosts live music, student meetings, and social gatherings between old friends.

“Besides, cooking and sharing food has always been a way I have shown care for people.”

Since Karen bought Montecassino, there have been a few changes. The coffee has been upgraded to Lavazza, an imported Italian coffee. New brewing equipment was added as well, including a new espresso machine. More recently, a Gelato Maestro gelato bar was added

The Montecassino of today has more staff, adjusted hours, and an expanded menu. Montecassino fosters a friendly, open environment. We invite you to visit us today. Bring a friend. Bring a group. We’ll make you feel like we’ve known you your whole life.


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