The Caffé

Lots of seats, plenty of room.


Our cafe offers a cozy space to catch up with friends or catch up on homework. We have couches and armchairs, high tables with stools. Free WiFi and easily accessible outlets for those times when you need to spend a little extra time on that pesky essay. Come in and enjoy some of our records while you savor your coffee or delight in your sandwich. All our goodies are fresh and handmade every day.

We use only the highest quality ingredients. Our Lavazza coffee is imported from Italy. Our Monin syrups do not contain high fructose corn syrup. We strive to provide the best!


Montecassino is more than just a coffee shop with a gelato bar– It’s also a place for community, for sharing stories and laughs. Sit down at the piano and pluck out a tune. Have a go at the ukulele. Sit with your friends on a couch and discuss life. Bring your family in for sandwiches and bond over a great meal. Relax to classic music and enjoy a few moments away from the chaos of life.


We support our community by showcasing local artists; their items are for sale all around the shop, and there’s a different featured artist every month. You’ll have to come by to see what we have!

You’ll enjoy every trip to Montecassino. Our staff will greet you like old friends and make you feel at home.

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